Process modeling for industry & trade, research & education

Why process management?

Successful companies control their own business and production processes. An important step towards this is to capture, prioritize and model the processes. This enables employees to understand them, and to execute them in a binding manner. The process owners, i.e. the managers of individual business processes, play an important role in this. You can learn about the most important tools for their work in the P-S.C by means of a case study.

The next important step is to optimize and, as far as possible, automate the processes based on continuously collected key figures. For this, however, you need precise models that allow for statements to be made on important parameters such as throughput times, resource utilization and costs. Are you looking for a tool that allows you to quickly create such models and discuss them with colleagues or customers? Then, you have found it!

The P-S.C is an integrated management system based on Petri nets. You can design processes, test changes using simulation before implementation or share your process models with colleagues and customers. You will be supported by the P-S.C - right up to the presentation: From the process models to the organizational structure of your company, you can layout everything yourself - or leave the layout to the engine. Thus, you can concentrate on the most important thing: The modeling of your processes.

Many processes only work across departments. Swimlanes help to identify responsibilities at first glance.
You can define responsibilities directly in the process models - the P-S.C generates a suitable organization chart.
Symbol view
Give your addressees an overview of large, complex processes with subnetworks in the symbol view.
Process map
Keep your processes in view - divided into primary, secondary and auxiliary processes - and access them with a single click.
Learn the basics of modeling, the handling and the functionality of Petri nets (also) in a playful way.

Petri nets with new looks

Petri nets are a description language for dynamic systems and, hence, also for processes. Using them, models can be reduced to their essential aspects: the dynamic structure, the controlled objects and time information. Step by step, Petri nets can be enriched with details, thus enabling meaningful simulations.

The P-S.C is a web app that supports this sophisticated modeling path. The tool can be used for the presentation and simulation of production and business processes. It enables the quantitative simulation and optimization of processes.

The P-S.C differs significantly from previous Petri net tools. It is based on a programming language with which you can specify your models and enrich them with details. To try out the P-S.C, you can register as a visitor and directly …

Get started!

Please note that the P-S.C currently only has a German user interface.

Due to a completely new design of the Petri net models, they are just as easy to read as models using BPMN. However, contrary to the latter, they can still be simulated. The tool has been used intensively in teaching at the Worms University of Applied Sciences for years. We would be happy to provide further information upon request.