Terms of Use

Date of last modification: February 16, 2020

These General Terms and Conditions ("GTC") apply to the WebApp Process Simulation Center (P-S.C) provided through the Web sites and, as well as related software, mobile apps, and other Web sites related to the P-S.C (collectively, the "Service"). The GTC regulate the relationship between us, the operators of the P-S.C ("We" or "P-S.C") and the User ("You" or "User"), but also the relationship of the Users among themselves.

"Content(s)" describes models of processes created with P-S.C as well as the structures surrounding them.

P-S.C may modify these GTC at any time without notice. The date of the last modification is mentioned at the top of this page. By continuing to use the site, Users give their consent to the changes made.

Prerequisites and registration

You may only use the Service if you can enter into a legally binding contract with P-S.C. in relation to these GTC. If you are under 16 years old, you may use the P-S.C only with the consent of your parents, guardian or teacher. Registration data and other information you provide through the Service is subject to our Privacy Policy.

Use of the service

Data Mining, scraping and other use of programs for automatic data collection and/or extraction of digital data is strictly prohibited. The technology and software underlying the Service is owned by Dr. Carlo Simon and our licensors, affiliates and partners. A license to use them is not granted. The software may not be copied, reused, reconstructed and/or decompiled in whole or in part without the permission of P-S.C.

Bulk copying of content is strictly prohibited unless explicit permission has been granted by P-S.C This applies to all content of the P-S.C. The compilation of the content is protected by copyright as a collective work according to international conventions and intellectual property laws.

Content upload

By uploading models to P-S.C, you grant P-S.C an irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free right to use, download, copy or modify the content for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. This also includes the right of P-S.C to distribute the content and use it for scientific publications.

You are responsible for your uploaded pictures and videos and guarantee,

  1. that you own all rights to the content you upload to the Site and that the content does not infringe the copyright, proprietary rights, trademark rights or other applicable third party rights; and
  2. that you own all rights to the content that are necessary for a worldwide, free, irrevocable and time-unlimited use and - if legally possible - assign and/or pass on these rights.

Although P-S.C. strictly ensures that uploaded images are not misused or used contrary to our GTC, we cannot guarantee this and can not be held responsible in any given case.

We reserve the right to delete any content from the P-S.C at any time. This applies in particular to defective files, content of inferior quality and legally problematic content.


P-S.C reserves the right to terminate the User contract at any time and without giving reasons and to prohibit further use of the website.

Liability exemption

Users shall indemnify P-S.C against all claims asserted by third parties against P-S.C due to an infringement of their rights by content posted by the User within P-S.C or by the User's other use of applications available through P-S.C. The User shall bear the costs of any necessary legal defense of P-S.C, including all court and attorney's fees in the legal amount. This does not apply if the violation of rights is not due to any culpable conduct of the User.

In the event of a claim by third parties, the User is obligated to immediately, truthfully and completely provide P-S.C. with all information available to them that is necessary for an examination of the claims and a defense. Any further claims for damages by P-S.C against the User remain unaffected.

Applicable right

The contractual relationship between the Users and P-S.C. shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Severability clause

If individual items of these GTC are not legally effective in whole or in part or later lose their legal effectiveness, the validity of the GTC as a whole shall not be affected.