Carlo Simon

Prof. Dr. Carlo Simon is the driving force behind the Process-Simulation.Center. The knowledge of the relevance of process orientation and the lack of suitable tools for the creation and simulation of large and complex processes led him to develop this innovative tool.

His expertise is reflected in more than 50 scientific publications on the subject of process management. And due to his many years of experience as a professor at two different universities, as well as a consultant and seminar leader, he conveys this knowledge in an understandable and appropriate manner.

If you would like to learn more about Prof. Simon, please visit his personal website:

Stefan Haag

Stefan Haag, M.Sc. B.Eng., brings in views from outside of computer science to to the Process-Simulation.Center due to his previous work in applied research at the Fraunhofer Society.

His personal interest in graph theory brought him to Prof. Simon and the P-S.C. Currently, he is working on visualizations of complex data sets.

Together with Prof. Simon, he meanwhile has published several scientific papers on process management around the P-S.C. Also, he has several years of experience as a lecturer in the university sector and imparts his knowledge in an easily accessible and goal-oriented way.